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CoWorker [Sep. 7th, 2008|02:03 am]
[Current Location |work]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |day and night]

Oh my I got the best head start at work today...so I come in to work at 3ish regularly I relieve dave (who is cute by the way)but today when I came in dave wasn't here sandy was(and let me tell you sandy is hot black hair blue eyes body like a goddess what she's doing here instead of modeling I have no idea)so I pretty much run in cuz I'm late as usual and I see her and come to a complete stop."Uhh sorry I'm late"I say like a servant. She replied "its ok I don't mind waiting for you" I was thinking what the hell and replied "ill go get my register ill be right out" so I run in but I can't get my mind off how beautiful she looks even in our ugly green uniforms.So I rush to count my money I don't want her to dislike me for keeping her late I'm just about to get started when I hear "what's your rush?" I turn and she's standing at the doorway to the office."Uhh I just don't want to keep you waiting any longer" I reply. "Don't worry" she tells me "it was really really slow today"."Oh" I reply as she walked around my chair flaunting her sexy body knowing that I'm watching."Did you drop this pen" she asks as she bends down in front of me her perfect ass in front of me. By now I know for sure she wants something and I'm not one to beat around the bush so I ask "did you want something?" She turned to look at me and said "would you like to come over after your off? My boyfriend is out of town and I though I could have some girl time..." The first thing I though was hell the fuick yeah but casually I replied "sure I'm off at 11" "perfect" she said with a huge smile and left the room...so I counted my box and went to the front...she clocked out and kept talking "oh this is gonna be so much fun I have a bunch of movies and snacks..."I didn't really hear what else I was to mesmorized...right before she left she gave me a big hug with a huge smile....it wasn't till after she stepped out that I realized...she unhooked my bra lol...I can't wait till I get out of here (and yes it is really slow...lol be back later <3
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Gee Wiz [Mar. 25th, 2007|05:18 pm]
[mood |hothot]

damn im so horny... last night was so awesome i never would have though Allie like girls i mean i always hoped she did but i never actually expected it...so i was sitting there alone because i didnt feel like dancing with anyone so anthony left her in "charge" of me (you know guys thinking they can be overprotective) so im sitting there shes talking about college and keeps telling me how shes never going to see me again then she said something i could hear because the music was so loud. I didnt really bother to ask what she had said i figured she was just going to tell me how much shes going to miss her friends and boyfriend. So I told her i was going to the restroom. When i reach the restroom i look back and there she is. At first i thought maybe she needed to use it as well but she was just standing there. She locked the door. By then i was like What the hell. She began to walk towrds me slowly. I was just leaned up against the wall confused. She began to say how her boyfriend is just not satisfying her as she began to unzip her cute little tight black sweater to reveal her adorable pink bra and beautiful c cup breast. By the time shes standing in front of me my panties were soaked that girl has the most amazing body. She keeps talking to me about how shes seen me around and has always fantasized about us she told me this while she rubbed my thighs under my skirt. Oh this is so much fun she told me. I dont understand why i couldnt make a move maybe because she was my friends girl or maybe i was still in shock that he was dominating me. She began to kiss me still rubbing my thighs. When she stoped she stepped back and pulled down her pants to reveal her clean nicley shaved pussy. I heard that you like it when a girls bottoms are off before their tops she told me i was confused how would she know that... but i didnt care i was begining to leak. She sat by the mirror with her legs spread wide open i needed to lick her pussy or else i wasnt going to be able to live with myself. I walked towards her she gave her the look of approval and i went in slowly. after a few minutes she insisted it was her turn as much as i didnt want to stop she just kept dominating she pulled down my soaked pantied. She teased me for a bit but then Oh my God then she licked my pussy dry..She began to tease me with her finger and right when she was going in..the door began to bang and just like that it ended...she kissed me goodbye and as we left the restroom we went our separate ways...now should i keep this to myself? or should i tell my friend what went on last night?
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2006|04:47 pm]
[mood |gigglygiggly]

i bought this cute mini camara and i decided to test it out mmm too bad the pictures are not that clear but i decided to post them anyways <3

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Help! [Jan. 1st, 2006|06:51 pm]
[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]

How does one put a pic under the cut?
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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2006|12:59 pm]
[mood |romance]

RomanceCollapse )
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Happy New Year [Jan. 1st, 2006|12:19 pm]
[mood |artistic]

Happy New Year!
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2005|08:51 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

AHHH this weekend was so cool I went camping with a few friends it was awsome it was cool cuz we were close to the beach it was so nice. At first i was a bit scared but it was great. Jen and I got up early on sat to see the sun rise. It was so romantic I couldnt help but kiss her. At night we went back it was a bit scary because we had to go through a tunnel to get the but awasome beacuse Like many stories go she sliped and fell on top of me. We stayed there for quite a while. When we were going back we noticed two of our friends dancing around the fire naked lol we joined them and it was so much fun lol I g2g ill write more about it later ^_^ :::MiA:::
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2005|04:25 pm]
[mood |naughtynaughty]

Its Been So Long since iv been in here damn iv been so busy the past few weeks with school, practice and work. No time for myself at all i feel worn out sad so sad but today my long weekend starts yay!. Damn I feel so horny right now mmm im so alone i havent had pleasure, really good pleasure in a while. I think imma explore the internet for a while since im here hopefully ill find something interesting. Hmmm What to do what to do.... hmm. Its been so hot its a good thing im alone or i wouldnt be able to walk around like this i feel so free ok well... imma go find something to do (to Myself maybe haha) ::::Mia::::
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2005|07:52 pm]
[mood |flirtyflirty]

Well as I suspected Adam told Mike about me and Fern Im not sure if hes upset with me or not i havnt been able to talk to him lately but eh on the bright side i got a call from my friend Marci shes so cool and i missed I hadnt seen her for a long time so she called me and we met up to eat and it was really fun we went to my house where we watched some movies and ate some more lol (fatasses we know lol) and of course like always marci had her porn it was fun to watch it was lesbian porn to ou can only imagin how horny we go as we watched it at first i noticed marci rubbing her breast then i saw her hand slide down her pants i could just feel my pussy getting wet as i watched her from the corner of my eye until i closed my eyes and flet a hand rubbing my pussy i opend my eyes and of course it was her she was looking right at me and she was smiling she has a beautiful smile she started to kiss me as her hand slid inside my panties as she played with my clit i just kissed her an nibbled on her nech and ears and soon her tits she pulled down my panties and started to finger me as fast as she could all i could do was moan and just want it more and more she rubbed my breast as she did it and licked my pussy as she fingered me (she is amazing thats why shes one of my closest fiends) soon she was laying on my bed and oddlystill had her close on i took off her shirt and kissed her breast and licked her nipples the i took off her pants and lucky for my no underwear and kissed her jucy pussy and licked her dry i fingered her for a while as i kissed her all over she taste so good i wanted to do her forever but like every great night it ended she had to go back to school and we madeout goodbye but its ok she has great phone sex lol ::::::::MiA::::::::::
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2005|09:05 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]

My date went totaly great first we went to see a movie which i didnt get to see much of its a good thing the theater was kinda empty cuz it was only the two of us in that movie it was romantic first he had his arm on my shoulder then i started to kiss his neck then he started to kiss mine then my lips befor i knew it i was sitting on top of his lap ridding smoothly ahh hes so good but when the movie ended we left he got a call and said he would drop me of at ferns house and he would be back as soon as he could so he droped me of and perfect timming to when i let myself in (rud i know but i didnt think anyone was home) i could hear Fern in the bedroom with Adam i kinda expected it but i was still in shock i decided to just leave them and wait in the living room but a short while after Fern walks out naked she didnt see me at first but when she noticed i was there she went to sit next to me she flirted with me a little as she asked how my date went (I told her by the way) and i said fine i couldnt stop looking at her boobs tho they are so beautiful and i knew she had noticed she leaned over and kissed me and rubbed her breast against mine i noticed she was playing with herself a bit so i slid my hand as she kissed me and rubbed her pussy until i stuck my fingers in her she leaned back so i could lick her as i was fingering her she taste so good then i licked her all the way up to her neck and mouth when i looked up i noticed adam just standing there excited of course i only hope Mike isnt the jelouse type :::::::::MIA::::::::::
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